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We are very excited that the very fabulous Mistress Saffyre Knight is coming all the way from Scotland to party with us on the 10th of November. This Scottish beauty will be bringing her own brand of sadistic sorcery on the poor unsuspecting souls of the West Midlands. Sensational Mistress Saffyre will also be demonstrating the use of Chinese suction cups with and without bloodletting so don't miss out on that.




Until then you can get to know her a little better ...



How did you get into the Lifestyle?


I’ve always had a fascination with a lot of kink and fetish style and looks when I got older I started looking into it more and found a whole load of new and exciting things to try!


Do you live it full time?


I do. Although currently, I do not possess any live in slaves.


How long have you been a ProDomme?


About 4 years now.


How many subs/slaves do you have?


I currently own One full-time Slave, Trixie Blossoms. However, that is hopefully changing to 2 very soon!!!


What do you enjoy most about being a ProDomme?


I love to watch transition my clients and Subs go through when they come to see me. The way they leave with high heads and massive smiles always makes me happy. A good pegging comes close 2nd though!


What have been your strangest request from a sub?


Meat hooks through her Boobs and strung up…. Needless to say this did not happen!


What has been your favourite experience since you started as a ProDomme?


There have been so many! I think that, although I was nervous, my very first client was one of my favourites! For so many reasons but mostly because it was the first time I was able to utilize my skills and knowledge and put all the training and research into practice!

But I am sure that Kinky Consent will be a close second!


What are your preferred punishments to give?


A good spanking/nipple tweak….failing that…isolation from me.




Do you find that Pro work increases or decreases your enjoyment of BDSM on a personal level?


Increases! My work has allowed me to expand and experience things in my own life I would have never considered before!


Do you tell people in real life what you do?


Most of the time yes! I love the range of reactions you get! From simple shock to disgust to curiosity and potential booking hahaha!


Best and worst part of being Pro?


Best- the range of play I can be part of/orchestrate!

Worst – dick pics, stupid DM’s and of course instadommes!


Have you had any ProDomme training and if so who with?


I was trained by Mistress Lilith of Glasgow.


What is your professional goal?


To one day run my own dungeon and events, and to travel globally.


What amuses you the most in a sub?


When they can’t speak or do so with such a tiny voice.


Which other Dommes do you enjoy working with?


I have had the Pleasure of working with a Lot of Dommes. Mistress Lilith, Lady Kalia, Lady Freya to name a few!


Do you have a speciality?


I’d probably say tie and tease and electro play.


Have you ever been a House/Resident Domme at a club or party before?


I am currently a house Domme in the wonderful Abstrakt Me studios in Glasgow City Centre.


What drew you to Kinky Consent?


Well, I had heard all about it on Secret 102 and then had a look online at their website and twitter, all that combined with the subs reaction to it made me need to see what all the fuss is about!



To meet her in person you can book to serve her at the Pain Palace on Friday 9th or come to Kinky Consent or Saturday 10th


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Posted on 21st November 2018