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Are you enjoying the extended heat wave we have been experiencing? Has it got you hot under the collar? Well, at KC in June we certainly were. The hottest day of the year so far, Saturday 29th was gloriously warm and sunny. By 9 pm when we opened, the heat had begun to dissipate though it was still an extremely warm evening which lent itself lovely to chilling in the Klub Kink courtyard as people arrived, got changed, got a drink and got acquainted or reacquainted. 



We had a treat for you all with the return of our amazing rigger James of Get Knotted fame returning once again to rope up willing subs or even Dommes, he was on hand to give advice and tips. His rope work is always exquisitely executed and is both restrictive and decorative. His rope work on Mistress Nix's slave cretin was on point and Mistress Nix really enjoyed watching and gaining pointers, you can never learn too much. This was the first visit this year from James who was last at KC for the Christmas party in December. 



Also returning for the first time this year was Mistress Rua who was also last seen at Christmas where she was part of the judging panel at our Sissy Pageant along with Lady Sara Borgia and Mistress Saffyre Knight. On this occasion, guest Domme Domme Mistress Rua was delighting us with not one but two demos to inform and titillate our senses. Both with the lovely Joanna Armstrong as the model/Guinea pig, and what a great sport she was as she relaxed with Mistress Rua attended to producing gentle sensations across her back. 



First up was wax play. Mistress Rua had bought along a selection of candles and wax pourers in a multitude of colours, including fluorescent, which looked amazing under the UV torch. Starting with a pointillism esque dotty pattern and culminating in a more abstract style. The finished artwork had exquisite 'legs' dripping down Jo's sides as well as Jo's name adorning her back. 



Demo number two was a little more intense with a selection of needles puncturing Jo's proffered back until a pretty pattern emerged. Mistress Nix also had acupuncture with her which both Mistress L and Kinky Togger had to try out to see how they felt. 



Throughout the evening Mistress Nix had her slave cretin on her leash, he endured flogging, drinking from a baby bottle, things written on him, rope work from James and being used by Mistress L as a human ashtray. It was like a walking, interactive performance, one where everyone was invited to join in and humiliate or degrade. Mistress Nix will be returning as Guest Domme again in August and I understand that she will once again have cretin along for the ride.



We are blessed that people travel from all ends of the country to join us for an evening of debauchery at our sinful soirees. Mistress Nix drove down from Sheffield to be with us. Both Mistress Rua and James make the long journey up from Kent to attend KC. And Joanna Armstrong came all the way from Devon to be a part of the event. We have always had the best crowd and the most loyal regulars, whether they come from near or far, we are proud to call them all KC Family. 



Next party will be held on August 24th, Mistress Saffyre Knight and Mistress Nix will return. Further details to be confirmed. 



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Posted on 12th July 2019

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