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The very generous people at Hankey's Toys have sent us some amazing dildos to give away as prizes to our lucky party goers. First up, for Augusts #kinkification party we gifted one lucky individual a rather spectacular bright pink Seahorse dildo!

Luckily they had sent two of the Seahorse because everyone wanted a play (not like that, you dirty minded lot). During the party, the delectable Lady Sara Borgia also posed with this phallic instrument of pleasure and appeared quite enamoured with this perfectly formed, web textured, silicone toy. I, myself had handled it quite extensively in preparation for writing this article and I wouldn't be surprised if it had given someone a shock at the hotel when we left it out on the desk and went to the spa, only to return and find that housekeeping had been in to do the room.

Mr Hankey's are an American based producer of extreme toys made from platinum silicone which has no odour and won't shrink over time. All of their products can be ordered in two levels of firmness from 'Medium Firm' (gives the feeling of a fully erect penis) to '75% soft' (feels like 3/4's hardness and often described as being more lifelike). They offer a range of choices additional to firmness such as texture, length, girth, texture and colour so that you can find your perfect dildo.

On to the Seahorse - at $129.95 for the regular model, (additional costs for larger sizes), this is reasonably priced considering that they are made to last a lifetime. This highly textured dildo is actually quite beautiful to look at, especially in the shocking pink colour which is not currently available on their website. The detail on the latticework like raised pattern is very eye catching and would ensure that any hole receiving its attention would feel every bump and dip, every movement of this artistically crafted beast. From the tip to the balls it is perfectly crafted with a textured edge around the head which almost looks like the crimping around an apple pie, to the perfectly pronounced wrinkles on the balls and of course the intensely textured shaft which all gives it an almost alien-like appearance.

Hankey's Toys really are trailblazers in the extreme dildo market and you are guaranteed quality as well as quantity.


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Posted on 11th October 2018

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