May the 4th be with you - Anniversary Party and joint birthday party for Mistress L and Kinky Togger

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In the last year, we have met some amazing people and have been blessed with the best resident Dommes, guest Dommes, sponsors, demos and performances. We have built a brand that we believe in, that we love and we are so grateful to everyone who has been a part of our journey. More than a brand, we have built a family and a place where the majestic and misfits can both call home.



Over the last 12 months, we have been thanked so many times for providing a safe and fun environment for kinksters, a place where subs can meet Prodommes, where they can be as comfortable playing as they are having a drink and chat. A place where Dommes can play but also relax and network. A vanilla night out filled with kink. Kinky Consent has been described as being like having a kink local.


We have tried to provide our guests with something new and interesting each month, from themed parties, live DJ's and resident Dommes to special guest Dommes, epic demos and beautiful performances. A place where they can be themselves and realise their fantasies in a safe, supportive and loving environment, surrounded by people who won't judge or ridicule, well unless you want them to!


Our first party was on Friday 4th May 2018, we then changed to Saturday and the second week of the month. Our first party introduced our brand, our take on the fetish night out, with resident Dommes Mistress Molly and Diana Von Rigg, a brilliant display of Shibari rope work from James of Get Knotted and lots of naughty fun with slaves and sissies in the glory hole.


For our 1 year anniversary we will revert back to the original date which falls on Saturday 4th May and we will be inviting back every resident and guest Domme, every DJ and sponsor, every act, demo and performer, we would love it if everyone who has been involved over the last year will join us for our anniversary.

Unfortunately, there will be one dear friend who will be notably absent, although She can't be with us any longer and will be missed She will be there in spirit and memory. Mistress Dometria’s appearance and performance at our July party will never be forgotten.


We hope that everyone who has been a part of the KC family, the KC cartel if you will, will be able to return to celebrate with us. We are proud to have the best consortium in the industry with Prodommes who travel as far as from London, Brighton and Scotland just to be a part of it.

May is not only the anniversary but also the month to Mistress L and Kinky Togger birthdays so it will be a three-way celebration! Let's make this the big one.



The amazing Miss Kim Rub has confirmed as our VIP guest Domme, she will be overseeing play in the dungeon and will be attending with Mistress Darryl. Our fabulous Resident Domme, Mistress Saffyre Knight will be travelling down from Scotland to join us and the brilliant Mistress Krush will be once again astounding us with her brilliant display of whip skills, without giving too much away, it is a birthday so there may be candles involved. The awesome Adam Green from Secret 102 Radio will be manning the decks and providing the musical backdrop to your play.


We have already had confirmation that some amazing ladies will be attending such as Miss Julia Taylor, Miss Kitty Bliss, Lady Sara Borgia, Mistress Ava Von Medisin, Goddess Asha, Mistress Nix, Mistress Manouche, Mistress Arcane, Joanna Armstrong so you really don't want to miss this one.




There will be lots happening, some of which is still to be confirmed but one such activity will be the slave games where participating slaves will be entered by their Mistress or on behalf of a Mistress attending. They will partake in a selection of games and will be given points by the judges. The slave who does best will win a prize for their Mistress.



Our new sissy maid will be making her second outing and better be on her best behaviour with such an illustrious list of Dommes attending. She will be joined by Angel as door whore who will be available to assist and abuse other sissies. And no anniversary party would be complete without a cake, the brilliant Kinky Chef will be providing a delectable treat for us all.


We love that so many of you dress up for the parties, there are changing areas and lockers available at the venue if you wish to get ready there.


So to recap -

What - Kinky Consent Anniversary Party

When - May 4th, 9pm-3am

Where - Klub Kink, Dudley West Midlands

Cost - £20, on the door

Come and join the Kinky Family

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Posted on 9th April 2019

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