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The most fun I have as a Queen is the people, whether it's the amazing Dommes I get to meet, the fun subs or the generally fantastic community of kinksters and kink supporters. So I'm going to let you into my life a little and introduce you to some of the banging babes I have the pleasure of spending my time with.


First up is a slightly wine-soaked afternoon with the naughty temptress Mistress Nix.



This beautiful Lady contacted me on Twitter after coming across my profile thanks to the amazing Miss Kim Rub and after talking via DM and on the phone we arranged to meet up. We are not based in the same area but as she was going to be away for the weekend down south she could make a detour and we could drive over to meet her. We being myself and Kinky Togger.




So I'm not known for my skills when it comes to geography. Looking for a place for us to meet which was easy for us all to get to with her journey up the motorway was a hard task as I was looking in places I didn't know at all. I chose a pub which was nice and quaint, served food and had really good reviews online. On arriving I seriously had to question my choice…it was tiny!! The food must have been good as the Lounge side, which was used as a restaurant, was full to the brim and the smell was amazing! We were segregated to the bar having not booked, the bar which was full of people who all clearly resided in the area and all knew each other, there were a few stares at the interlopers and I got the feeling that this was a local pub “for local people”.


So sat at the only available table (which also happened to be the only tall bar-style one so we were almost on stage to the locals) I sipped my ice cold Pinot while I waited for Miss Nix to arrive. The one bonus of the table was that I was directly facing the window so had a front row seat when Miss Nix arrived and could watch her trying to park. After she had left the car and disappeared for a few minutes I thought I had best go looking for her. I found her in the lounge looking very confused.



Mistress found, introductions made, wine purchased, we all sat down for a good old chinwag… very conscious of the fact that everyone in the room could potentially overhear our kinky convo!



I have spoken to and met some of the most prestigious Dommes in the country, I am exceedingly fortunate in that. Some of which I have felt a connection to the moment I have met them. I'm not going to pretend that my gut instinct is always right but thankfully sometimes it is. From the moment I spoke to Miss Nix I knew we had a connection then we met in person and it was like we had known each other for years. We have a lot of the same interests out of BDSM as well which helps, she even gave me a beautiful chakra stone to help me balance.



We chatted away a good few hours while wine kept appearing at the table via one of us and we excitedly chatted about kinks, our businesses and our sluts. Plans were formulated as we soaked up the vino with the really nice food prepared by the pub, lamb shank for myself and a tart with salad for Miss Nix. So in hindsight, I did choose a good venue, the food was lovely and reasonably priced and once we had got over the initial stares of the locals there was a nice atmosphere. Best of all was the brilliant company!!



If you don't yet follow this fabulous Lady then get on to Twitter and do so! You will also be able to meet her in person at Kinky Consent in May.


Mistress Nix Website


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Posted on 2nd April 2019

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