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Get on your knees and respectively welcome the newest addition to the Kinky Consent collective or resident Mistresses and newest member of our family. She is, of course, the sinfully sadistic, seductively salacious Sexual Corruption, otherwise known as Mistress MD (short for Magically Delicious and boy will she put you under her spell.) You lucky lot will get the chance to be in the same room as her on Saturday 8th September when she makes her Kinky Consent debut at our ballbusting extravaganza Kinkynuts. But if you really can't wait then let's get to know her a bit better!


How did you get into the Lifestyle?

I got into the lifestyle through a client of mine who had booked me for an escort booking, he basically told me that I am naturally dominant without knowing it, said I had the 'look' and 'attitude' and thereon my first Domme/Sub session played out and, Oh My Gosh I absolutely loved it! Do you live it full time? My dream now is to eventually own my own dungeon (once I've saved enough to buy my place lol) I'd love to live it full-time and have been able to decrease my contracted hours in my 'vanilla' due to my growing clientele, so eventually, I do plan to live it full-time. How long have you been a ProDomme? Nearly 2 years now since I started escorting and that first client I mentioned above (which I met within the first six months). At first, I felt I couldn't call myself a Pro-domme due to also offering escorting services, but after the experiences and knowledge I have gained over these last 2 years - HELL YEAH I'm a Pro-domme!!!


How many subs/slaves do you have?


What do you enjoy most about being a ProDomme?

I love the diversity of clients I meet with, hearing their fantasies, fetishes and even about their 'vanilla' lives. I love that I can help clients fulfil some of their most freakiest fantasies, wishes and desires - that sometimes they feel they can't share with anyone else. EVERYONE HAS NEEDS!! What has been your strangest request from a sub? This one is the easiest as it's the one I always remember when asked this question... He wanted to be fisted by myself and another dom (preferably a male) fisted until his asshole is gaping, then he wanted a Mars bar inserted into his gaping hole (still wrapped may I add) and for myself and the other dom to 'unwrap' the mars bar inside his ass, between us and force him to eat it...Needless to say, he didn't show up but I still try and figure out how we could have unwrapped the chocolate bar inside using only 1 hand each (kind of makes me think of a task on I'm a celebrity get me out of here, would need some special co-ordination skills between us). However each to their own, I don't judge but I will state (quite assertively) what I will not participate in. I will just add that I would have given this a good go if he showed up though lol What has been your favourite experience since you started as a ProDomme I don't think I've had it just yet, as I know this upcoming kinkynuts party is going to top anything else I've done so far.... but I did have a really good session with a guy who bought his sounding kit over and let me loose - got a good couple of pics too!!

What are your prefered punishments to give?

CBT every day - those cocks need some serious punishment - especially those teeny weeny, shrivelled up, old, useless cheesy ones!!!   What rules do your subs have to stick to?

I like my subs to be all about me, so if they beg/choose and devote themselves to serving me, then this is exactly what I expect. Worship the ground I walk on & kiss my ass when I tell you to!! (LOL) Honesty and loyalty are key for me, I can't stand liars and if I catch you out, you better be prepared for my devilish mode... If someone is not happy with something I don't see why it can't be said either verbally, via text, email etc COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION!!!


Do your subs sign a contract with you?

I have had subs sign contracts in the past (especially financial subs). This is an important aspect for consent and confidentiality purpose, which I have a great deal of knowledge and understanding about due to my 'vanilla' career. I'm currently seeking a part-time live-in sub who I will type an extensive contract for.

How have you grown/evolved as a professional since you started?

I have always been a confident and strong person, but that feeling when I have someone submit their all to me is a completely different level of powerfulness!

Do you find that Pro work increases or decreases your enjoyment of BDSM on a personal level?I

I'm a straight talker, what you see is what you get... How can I not enjoy being paid to punish cocks, dole out whippings, kicks to balls and tie them up lol (I'm also a findom, so money and financial gains are one of my fetishes)

Do you tell people in real life what you do?

Some of them... I mean I'm not going to sit down with my manager and tell her what I do....unless she asks me lol 

Best and worst part of being Pro?

Worst is that I'm still hiding it from my child and I just want to be open and honest. The best is that I'm only going to get BETTER now I've joined my new family xxx

Have you had any ProDomme training and if so who with?

I haven't had any Pro-domme training at all....I'm simply just me

What is your professional goal?

To eventually give up my 'vanilla' role completely and open my own BDSM Dungeon, with a slave workforce!!

What amuses you the most in a sub?

When they THINK they are smarter than me.



What attributes do you look for in a sub? 

Honesty, loyalty, employed, commitment, communication, devotion and some level of intelligence to hold a decent conversation in those times when not in 'play'.

Which other Dommes do you enjoy working with? 

Haven't worked with any, I've been very independent in my mission so far, but have already expressed my excitement everywhere I can about joining my new kinky family.

Do you have a preferred work-space or dungeon? 

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't even visited a dungeon in real-life yet, I've been working from hotels and the last few months my personal place.

Do you have a speciality? 

I have been known to call myself a face-sitting specialist ;)

Have you ever been a House/Resident Domme at a club or party before? 

No - But I can't bloody wait for the 8th Sept!!!!!

What drew you to Kinky Consent?

I've been following for a while now and really wanted to attend the previous event I enquired about but was put on shift at work. I love that they are already a kinky 'family' and feel this is exactly where I need to be.



Thank you Mistress MD and welcome to the family!


Come along and meet our new resident Mistress on Saturday 8th at Kinkynut , tickets available online or on the door www.kinkyconsent.co.uk


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Posted on 2nd February 2019