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Our ball busting extravaganza featuring the nether regions of the international porn star and ball busting alumni Andrea Dipre is almost upon us, a debauched evening of kicking, punching and target practice to get your juices flowing. No, we are not talking about a keep fit class, we are talking about a party dedicated to one of the more 'violent' aspects of cbt, an act designed to bring a sub to his knees, to draw tears from his eyes and a squeal from his lips, full-blown ballbusting!


Andre Dipre has visited ProDommes all over the world to invite them to use his sack as an uppercut bag or kicking bag and now the highlight of his Domme tour will be a very public multi Domme ballbusting at Kinky Consent. Dipre isn't just interested in having his grape balls rendered useless, he also enjoys the public humiliation so to this end we are going to have a dedicated media room where you will all have permission to take photos and videos to be used on social media with Kinky Consent tagged. This room will be clearly signposted so that no one wanders in who does not want to feature in these photos or videos. Don't worry if you would rather stay anonymous, the ball busting will continue in the main demo area where guest photography is not permitted.


Any subs who think they can take a good kicking are encouraged to go up against Dipre in a competition to see who has the 'balls' (pun intended) and there is a special ball busting ticket available on the website for this party only which affords the sub the opportunity to spend some time having their balls busting with one of our resident Mistresses.


If any Mistresses would like to join in the multi Domme kicking led by our resident Mistresses Goddess Aveena, Mistress Molly and Mistress MD then there will be an opportunity for you to all join in.



The musical backdrop will once again be provided by Adam Green of Secret 102 Radio and we hear that his good friend Mistress Brian will be putting in an appearance if we are very lucky and very naughty.


Because we are so generous we will once again be giving out a discount code, unique to us, for 10% of the extensive bondage range at Adored UK who also offer free delivery on orders over £10 and a free roll of bondage tape on orders over £25. On top of that we will be giving away another Hankey's dildo and a pair of adjustable acrylic nipple clamps from Bondatrix



So whether you enjoy ball busting or just have a morbid curiosity some along to the party and enjoy the squeals of pain and the sound of leather-clad boots making contact with soft flesh.


Tickets available from the website or on the door.




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Posted on 2nd February 2019

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