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Well, my little darlings I'm sure you're all salivating at the thought of being crushed under the heel of a beautiful Dominating Lady at the Kinky Consent Kinkyesque party. Whether you are a slave who wants to kneel submissively at a Dommes feet or an aspiring Dominant that wishes to learn more about the craft our fabulous Mistresses will be on hand to instruct, train and punish. The fabulous Lady Lola will be performing a seductive pole display to titivate and tantalise, so until then, let's get to know the delectable Domme a little better.



How did you get into the Lifestyle?


One of my friends the fab Lady Bowsafeen brought me to the dark side. I worked as a stripper for years and had dabbled in the BDSM community before though


Do you live it full time?


Not so much the lifestyle but I'm naturally a bit sadistic and very dominant 


How long have you been a ProDomme?


I gave up stripping and started sessions in January this year


How many subs/slaves do you have?


I own one sub but see others that come for regular real-time sessions


What do you enjoy most about being a ProDomme?


I think its very suited to my nature 


What has been your favourite experience since you started as a ProDomme


I love rt sessions, I'm not a huge fan of computer-based anything


What rules do your subs have to stick to?


I've never really set rules (because rules are made to be broken), I just expect everyone to do as they are told, no exceptions




How have you grown/evolved as a professional since you started?


My bull whipping skills have improved


Do you tell people in real life what you do?


Yes, it really doesn't bother me what peoples opinion are


The best and worst part of being Pro?


The best part is double sessions with The Lady Bowsafeen as she makes me laugh and it's important to be happy in your work. The worst part is either the computer side to things as I'm a massive technophobe or matted bum hair


What is your professional goal?


To have fun with it and see where this ride takes me. I would also like my own army of men in chastity


What attributes do you look for in a sub?


Politeness, willingness, a bit of a sense of humour, hygiene


Do you have any specialities?


Feet I suppose as I do a lot of foot worship



If you too can't wait to meet this luscious Lady then make sure you have your tickets to Kinkyesque


Find out more about Lady Lola by following her on twitter


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Posted on 2nd February 2019