'The Exhibition' by Prashant Patil

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We went to a play party last night to have some fun but it turned out to be a disaster for me. We found a private room to play with each other. Around 15 minutes later, my Mistress was dragging me from the private room to the common area where most of the people were socializing. I was completely naked except for my chastity device, ball gagged, handcuffed, collared and leashed. I was literally begging for mercy through my gag, although nothing sensible was coming out of my mouth. The thought of being exhibited like this was filling me with dread but my Mistress was furious and she didn't listen or pay attention to any of my pleas


We finally reached the common area and she pulled me to the centre of the room. Everybody present there weren't really surprised to see us like this as it is very common thing there but not for me as I am not an exhibitionist and I don't like to be paraded like this at all.

At least my hands were cuffed at the front so I could cover my genitals. When we reached there, my Mistress made an announcement to have everybody's attention. I was literally blushing like anything and probably wanted to run from there but was completely helpless to do so. Even there, I tried to plead her to forgive me but as I was gagged, nothing sensible came out of my mouth but a few people did understand that I wasn't really doing it voluntarily.

She announced to everybody that she was exhibiting me as a punishment. She tortured my nipples and canned my butt in front of everybody while keeping me on a leash. I had no choice but to bear all this. People there were curiously looking at us because it was involuntary. She then asked me to remove my hand from my genitals so that everybody could take a look but I couldn't comply, I begged her through my eyes but she was adamant. She hit my butt and told again me to remove my hands. Almost everybody present laughed at this. I had no choice but to remove my hands and show my locked penis. I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I had tears in my eyes.


She then announced to people, "You must be wondering that why I am punishing him like this. Well many of you already know me and those who don't, let me tell you something, I don't like being tickled. You tickle me and consider yourself dead. And he (looking at me) tickled me for like half a minute when we went to the playroom" (saying this, she struck me again). I could see a few faces giggling again. "He is my sub and he knows very well how badly I hate being tickled but he still did it. He was probably thinking that as it is a club, I won't create much drama here and he would probably get away with this. Well, he is wrong. And it is fair that I should return the favour. So, we are here."


She asked me, "Are you sorry for your actions slave?"

I immediately nodded.

She then asked, "have you learnt your lesson?"

I again nodded instantly.


Seeing me this nervous, she laughed a little and announced, "You know he doesn't really mean anything he just said. He isn't sorry and he definitely hasn't learnt his lesson. And he is gonna do it again because he is a fucking brat (saying this, she hit me again). Brats never learn their lesson."

She then looked at me and pulled me towards her by the leash and said, "well let me tell you, my boy, consider this just a trailer. You do something like this again, believe me, this punishment would seem like a blessing to you. You understand?"

I immediately knelt before her, nodded and lowered my head in submission.


She smiled at this, kissed me on my forehead and pulled me back to the private room.



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Posted on 2nd February 2019

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