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Mistress Lady Layla - the Artist and the Dominatrix

Joining us this month will be Mistress Lady Layla. Before the party why not get to know her a little better and find out, in her own words, what makes her tick, what she loves about being a Dominatrix and her plans for the future.

My life as a sensual, Dominant woman began very early on and developed as time passed. I have been given a tough but fair path in life that has perhaps yielded results that weren’t anticipated. I have chosen to become something rather more than my privileged education would normally have me conform to.

To be the stereotypical demure English rose was never meant to be my destiny. My desire is to become your desire, but entirely according to My rules. That is what I seek. I harbour a genuine passion for Domination, kink and roleplay as I am fascinated by what lies beyond in our deepest and darkest fantasies.

This has inspired me in my creative practice as a Fine Artist, as it has previously, to study for a BA Hons degree in fine art. I make Fine Art from my observations during my working practices. I’m shortly to pursue an MA in Fine Art and this process and our mutual exploration of your deviant desires will feed into my artwork as part of my mission is to bring a greater understanding, openness and acceptability to the world of Kink and to us all finding a path to understand our own physiological and psychological needs also.

I will take the time to meet with you and understand what your particular desires are. It is my intention to work closely with you to unearth all your conscious and unconscious cravings for pain and torment. To be the author of your pain is My desire and I will take Ownership of your filthy disgusting longings for twisted lust and debauchery and act upon them accordingly.

As a Pro - Domme I like to move between being fierce and tender, stern and sensual, reaching into your mind and controlling your every thought and you will never know what is coming next.

I believe a true Dominatrix must have an intuitive and intimate understanding of both the dominant and submissive mindset, and as an expert, in both, I shall fulfil My dreams of absolute domination and your desperate yearnings for total submission.

Sometimes I like to bring my creativity to my sessions with my special tarot readings, each new card building on the last to create a series of unusual tasks for you to perform, with Your Mistress there to ensure you meet your destiny!

I am interested in human physiology and all of its possibilities. I want to see how far we can go together exploring the 5 levels of BDSM, to flood your body with extreme ecstasy, releasing your endorphins and cortisol, and in time taking you to an altered state.

It’s My duty as an artist, and your Mistress, to take you to the very edge of your kink and set you free.

I am 6 foot tall, and with my beautiful feet in size 9.5 killer heels, I am 6 foot 5 inches, more than enough to make you squirm and punish you underneath them. I have a penetrating gaze with hazel green eyes and long natural brown hair. You will fall under the spell of my size 34 G breasts, all natural, and I will tower over you like the Amazonian woman I am.

I will provide you with My personal choice of Kink if I deem you worthy enough to session with Me. I will expect you to prove you are sincere and genuine in your desire for a life of BDSM. You will, in My presence, release yourself from any type of conformity and let your mind be controlled by My total intoxication and absolute control of your freedom. If you’re prepared to submit to Me, to be Mine, totally Mine, eventually you will know exactly what to do, before I tell you to do it.

How did you get into the Lifestyle?

I have a submissive side and a dominant side and I wanted to explore the world of kink and fetish and of BDSM out of natural interest and I started to research this for my practise on my fine art degree which I completed between 2011 and 2013. I think having both sides inside of me I can genuinely relate to my subs on a deeper conscious and unconscious level

Do you live it full time?

No I currently have two other jobs and I would like to expand and develop the business so I can just be a Fine Artist and a Dominatrix!

How long have you been a ProDomme?

About six months

How many subs/slaves do you have?

I am selective who I work with so numbers aren’t so important to my but the quality of the service I can provide is integral as I look for genuine slaves who are open to exploring with me and building a healthy dom/sub relationship, one of trust and intimacy as I want to understand them as much as I can. I am interested in the psychological aspect, just as much as the kink aspect

What do you enjoy most about being a ProDomme?

Opening them up, taking them on a journey with me, to work through their desire, kink, fetish and to push them and their limits! Their desire will be owned by My Desire!

What has been your strangest request from a sub?

I am very open to unusual requests, the more unusual the better and I am discreet about these things

What has been your favourite experience since you started as a ProDomme

How the relationship has evolved with the subs, how the trust has grown and how they have allowed me to see into their world and how we can work together. I feel it’s an honoured and privileged position for us both to be in

What are your preferred punishments to give?

I am quite partial to tying my subs up to the cross and putting pegs all over their body and whipping them with a riding crop, after I have thoroughly whipped, slapped, caned and paddled their bodies, the sound of my whipping off and the pegs, with the pegs springing apart is quite satisfactory to me!

I like using the cane and like them to be over my knee, having them worship my beautiful feet and walking all over them, leaving marks and imprints. I particularly enjoy breath play also whilst I am pegging them at the same time! Ideally, I like my slaves to go home marked, bruised or cut and whimpering for more! But I can be more lenient if needed...I am a very good judge at knowing exactly what my slaves require and am tuned in to their disgusting longings and desires! Mistress always knows Best!

What rules do your subs have to stick to?

They have to be respectful and I am a fine artist and Dominatrix so I will bring something extra and playful to my sessions, whatever Mistress is in the mood for. They must fully submit to me during my session and be open and ready to the experience. I will psychologically and physically tease and torment them at the same time, they are in for one hell of a ride!

Do your subs sign a contract with you?

Not currently but we are drawing something up so we can do this, especially to look at health concerns. I take this very seriously, the well-being of my subs

How have you grown/evolved as a professional since you started?

I think yes I have grown as a Dominatrix and artist and one informs the other

Do you find that Pro work increases or decreases your enjoyment of BDSM on a personal level?

I think it adds to it on a personal level, most certainly!

Do you tell people in real life what you do?

Only a few close friends who I trust. I think there needs to be more openness, clarity and understanding around this industry

Best and worst part of being Pro?

The best part is the human relationship with the sub, the therapeutic side that I can give, to relieve their stress, anxiety, to give them a platform to truly be themselves with me, without shame or judgment; there isn’t really a worst part!

Have you had any ProDomme training and if so who with?

Yes, I trained with Mistress Maria Harlow and she was an exceptional trainer and equipped me so well, especially psychologically. She is one tough cookie of a mistress and I mean that in all the right ways! She is a beautifully stunning experienced Mistress, she has created a very high benchmark for me and I am very thankful to her

What is your professional goal?

To become a professor of all things kink, to become a master in my field and to create astounding Fine Art from it, of an exceptional standard. I want to see and experience sub space and to take my slaves there

What attributes do you look for in a sub?

A genuine desire for BDSM, honest, loyal, can talk about their past and open to experimentation and to trust me. I have studied this practise for many years

Which other Dommes do you enjoy working with?

I currently have only worked with Maria Harlow

Do you have a preferred work space or dungeon?

I work from a playroom in Worcester called the Pain Palace. It is very well equipped, many pegging benches, hospital chair for nurse play, cross for caning and whipping, cages to lock subs in, can even have you dangling from your feet whilst I abuse you and I Will Abuse You!

Do you have a specialty?

I like to move between being quite stern, pushing my subs and then bring sensuality to it. I like to see how many levels of BDSM they can take

Have you ever been a House/Resident Domme at a club or party before?

No this will be my first time and I am looking forward to it

What drew you to Kinky Consent?

I found you on Twitter, sissy maid Becky recommended you highly and she has been so helpful to me

.If, like us, you are excited to meet the fabulous Mistress Lady Layla then make sure you have your tickets for Saturdays Kinky Club of Horrors and you may have the delightful experience of falling under her spell!


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Posted on 11th October 2018