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Here at Kinky Consent, we like to give back to the community that has welcomed us into its ample bosom. Not only do we strive to bring you fabulous kinksters the best parties whilst striving to keep costs down but now we would like your help to support a lifestyle-related charity.


In true sideshow fashion, the Kinky Circus will have some very special booths with the proceeds going to The Spanner Trust.


Kissing Booth - it is of course up to the discretion of the Mistress manning the booth as to where you are permitted to kiss her or maybe her rubber friend.


Spitting Booth - I'm sure this is self-explanatory, the only way you get the pleasure of a Mistresses mouth is when she deigns to spit on you.


Whipping Booth - with paddles and whips for Mistress to choose from you will get a taste of what it feels like to be at the mercy of such sadistic and sensational ProDommes.


We will confirm nearer the time which of the amazing Mistresses will be attending which booth and when so you can plan where you need to be when to make the most out of your night.


For those that don't know, The Spanner Trust is instrumental in defending the rights of sadomasochists of all sexual persuasions and are working towards attempting to challenge the Spanner ruling from December 1990. Under the ruling, a group of men were prosecuted for engaging in consensual SM activities on videotape. The tape itself was used as evidence, as were their own statements. They believed themselves to be well within the law as everyone involved was there through choice and all activities were consensual, however, consent was not accepted as a defence and these statements were the nails in their coffins so to speak and they were convicted of the standard offence of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Some of the defendants have already attempted to have their convictions quashed and appealed at both the Court of Appeal and Law Lords in the UK as well as the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Astonishingly their convictions have been upheld.

The Trust was set up to effect a change in the UK laws pertaining to consensual SM activities and practices. As it currently stands it is illegal in the UK if SM activities result in injury which is more than "transient or trifling" even if all parties have consented.


We hope you will all join us in supporting this amazing cause. Do you dare approach the Mistresses?


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Posted on 25th November 2018

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