Are you ready to take what you deserve? Meet Klub Kink manager and ProDomme, Mistress Jayne

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Jayne is not only the manager of Klub Kink but also a bonafide Mistress herself so you had better make sure you keep on her good side!



How did you get into the Lifestyle?

When I was about 12 I listened to a song by Motley Crue called Treat me like the dog I am, I remember listening to the bridge which is about being caged and bitten, even at such a young age I remember thinking "This sounds like fun!!" As I got older I dabbled in fetish and tried to explore with partners but didn't have much luck, until I left my ex-husband and decided to jump in feet first, as a sub! I spent two years playing sub to different people and I always loved it but always felt like there was something missing, until I realised I was the wrong end of the whip! I still do little bits of sub stuff to keep the thrill and excitement alive but being Mistress feels so natural.

Do you live it full time?

Pretty much, I don't hold back and my friends all know what I'm like if I'm honest I find it difficult being around children because censoring what comes out my mouth is such an effort! I basically have a one-track mind.

How long have you been a ProDomme?

I've been doing this full time now for around a year, but have been in the scene for around 4 years.

How many subs/slaves do you have? I've got three official slaves at present, one of whom is a maid. All three are given a lot of flexibility in what they do outside of our time together but I feel that variety is the spice of life, and my idea of owning somebody is about helping them to experience things and explore.

What do you enjoy most about being a ProDomme?

I love helping people to discover their most inner thoughts, and getting people to realise that it's okay. These days there's so much speculation and criticism on the fetish scene and a lot of people don't understand it, even people who get involved and play. There's nothing more rewarding than the relief on somebody's face when we chat about what they'd like done, usually during the discussion they're quite shy and timid, as if they're ashamed of what they're saying, so for me to be able to say "okay, cool" and facilitate it without them feeling intimidated or judged is just amazing. Life is about building each other up and encouraging each other.

What has been your strangest request from a sub?

I have one guy who likes me to squish bread into the floor and force him to eat it. I'm a bit OCD so the thought of the floor freaks me out a little but we all have our own turn-ons. I have one fellow who always brings a blanket with him which is something I've not seen before, but he's quirky - I like him a lot!

What has been your favourite experience since you started as a ProDomme?

It's got to be meeting people, I love listening to people's stories and experiences so I don't have one particular moment that I could pick, I'm a people person so interacting with so many interesting people is the best bit.



What are your preferred punishments to give?

I like to play with fire and ice, especially while people are deprived of their senses. It's more about the surprise factor I guess, me being in control and them knowing it.

What rules do your subs have to stick to?

My subs are all treated with great respect and looked after well, so long as they ask before playing with others (this is more me being protective, one of my slaves was treated very badly in the past and I'm working really hard to build his confidence and self-esteem back up), as long as I know who, when and where I'm happy. I'm not into tasking and constant updates I feel like that can take the fun away from things.

Do your subs sign a contract with you?

Ah, paperwork-schmakerwork! I didn't even take my marriage certificate all that seriously. I'm all about people's actions. I would do it if a sub wanted to and I have certificates of servitude too but it's not something that is my choice (for once).

How have you grown/evolved as a professional since you started?

I began in the industry as a sub, which I always loved but it didn't feel quite complete. I can be quite anxious and indecisive about things until I step foot in the dungeon, it all goes away! I've definitely grown in confidence in vanilla life since I've been doing this, which considering it isn't that long I reckon there's a monster in the making!

Do you find that Pro work increases or decreases your enjoyment of BDSM on a personal level?

Neither, when I'm doing my pro work I don't see it as work, I enjoy it so much. In my personal experiences, I do usually go to the sub-side, I'm naturally very bratty, playful and masochistic which really comes out when I'm with a naturally Dominant male.

Do you tell people in real life what you do?

Yes!! I'm not ashamed, the only person who doesn't know is my father, purely because I like a quiet life! The rest of my family and all my friends know, and when I meet someone new if they ask what I do for work I will tell them, it's my theory of weeding out the weak, if somebody knows what I do and they can't deal with it I'd rather know sooner than later, saves me wasting any time!

Best and worst part of being Pro?

The best part is being my own boss, I spent 8 years working in care with shitty bosses being told what to do by idiots sat in an office who don't know the logistics of things. I'd find it too hard going back to a "normal" employment now. Worst part? Definitely backache after using a monster strap-on.

Have you had any ProDomme training and if so who with?

I have but I'm not into name dropping, I've done sessions with other pro-dommes and am happy to ask for advice and ideas of people, I believe that no matter how long you've been doing something you will always have more to learn. I'm friends with a couple of other pro-dommes which is nice for it not to be all work related.

What is your professional goal?

On the scale of things I'm only just starting this, but I'd like to become well established and well respected for what I do. I'd say I've definitely found the career path I want to go down, and I'm so grateful I'm getting into it now not ten years down the line.

What amuses you the most in a sub?

Innocence and naivety, I think it's really cute.

What attributes do you look for in a sub?

I like good people, honest people and true people. I don't do gossip and drama so would always look for subs who aren't going to bring that to my doorstep unnecessarily.

Managing Klub Kink must be an interesting job. What has been your highlight?

It's hard work! I love the progression and changes that are always happening at the club. I look at where we are now in comparison to three years ago and the change is drastic. New rooms, equipment but best of all the people! We have a great little team and I feel as though we all get on really well despite the differences in opinions and ideas, we're like a fucked up little family and I love it!



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Posted on 21st November 2018