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Well, my little darlings I'm sure you're all salivating at the thought of being crushed under the heel of a beautiful Dominating lady at the Kinky Consent launch party. Whether you are a slave who wants to kneel submissively at a Dommes feet or an aspiring Dominant that wishes to learn more about the craft our resident Mistress will be on hand to instruct, train and punish.


So let's get to know the delectable Mistress Molly a little better.





How did you get into the Lifestyle?


I used to be a sub but realised what a letdown men are and how pathetic their little clitty makes them.

One day I switched and realised how much I enjoyed being the one who held the power.

I made a promise to myself, I would never let my toys down the way I've been let down and besides ~ there's something so God damn sexy seeing a man on his knees begging...


Do you live it full time?


Unfortunately, vanilla life gets in the way but as much as I can ~ I do


How long have you been a ProDomme?

Around 4 years now


How many subs/slaves do you have?

4 ~ always room for one more!


How different is being a Lifestyle Mistress and being a Prodomme?


I would love to be a lifestyle mistress but currently, home life doesn't allow, but that should all be changing in 6 months


What do you enjoy most about being a ProDomme?


I enjoy watching a man plead, looking up with those eyes begging but wanting so much to please ~ so eager. People see servitude as a weakness ~ it's not, it's a gift to be cherished


What has been your strangest request from a sub?


I have one that comes online ~ sends a tribute and then disappears/deletes profile again.

(could this be the perfect sub?)


What has been your favourite experience since you started as a ProDomme


Going on a mistress holiday and being waited on hand and foot ~ what's not to love!

(sounds perfect)


What are your preferred punishments to give?


Ignoring or lines if online.

Real-time 10 of my hardest but it depends on my pet


What rules do your subs have to abide by?


Do not be needy

Obey me

Don't make me ask twice




Do your subs sign a contract with you?


I've only had three sign ~ I only offer to the deserving


How have you grown/evolved as a professional since you started?


I've learned there are too many time wasters and energy takers.

Communication is key and I've learned to adapt to different needs.


Do you find that Pro work increases or decreases your enjoyment of BDSM on a personal level?


Not at all ~ the day I don't enjoy all aspects will be the day I retire


Do you tell people in real life what you do?


Haha, there are 5 people that know what I do and a few others that ‘think they know ‘ what I do lol…


Best and worst part of being Pro?

Worst - Time wasters and energy suckers

Best - New people, different people and beautiful people everywhere


Have you had any ProDomme training and if so who with?

Yes with Isabella_fuckwel and Amelia_ts.

Two beautiful and skilled people. I've even had the pleasure of going on a Mistress holiday with them but I can't share those stories

(that's a pity, maybe I will get a few stories without the prying eyes of the public)


What amuses you the most in a sub?


When they think they can get one up on me, I always have my revenge…maybe not today but hell hath no fury as a woman scorned


What attributes do you look for in a sub?


Obedience OMG ~ obedience without questioning.

During our conversations, I take a lot of information in about my pets and time to understand them.

Everything I command is for a reason ~ just because they don't know the reason it doesn't give them the right to question it.


Will your appearance at the Kinky Consent launch be your first experience of Domming at a club?


No, not at all. I've attended clubs as a Mistress before but not been there formally as a Mistress.


What interested you about doing it and what are you looking forward to most?


I love the idea of a launch party and being involved from the beginning.

I've got 2 pets joining me that haven't served publicly before and Scott is an awesome DJ so all in all, it will be an amazing night.


Thank you, Mistress Molly, I'm sure that all the little subs are wetting their panties with the excitement of meeting you.



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Posted on 21st November 2018